Our offer include complex service based on customer requirements. Begining with project plan, where we find most efficient way of building, then deciding the design plan, proceeding with supplying components and began to construction process. Once project complete, keeping up with service supply. In addition, providing data programming and automation, then testing, and presenting it to customer with user instruction and training.


Building Management System - we are dealing with complex service and application development for full visualization and technological processes of objects. The world standard became "automatized" object, where cost minimization is carried out through the introduction of BMS, which allows many other:

  • central ventilation control system,
  • remote control of ventilation system,
  • complete lighting installation for buildings and area around,
  • security camera installation,
  • history report generation like as fire alarm signal, system error, etc.,
  • system report generation, chart pointing to object which required optimizations.

The implementation of BMS in device/controlling, allows control and read the operating equipment from the whole installed area. We also deal with complex prefabrication of electrical and automatics switchgears, including with installation of them and running application at the object.

Advantages of BMS implemented on the building
  • better energy consumption related to media
  • real-time error detection and related work
  • remote technical support
  • the possibility of further development, related to the implementation of further elements/rooms/buildings into existing applications
  • less requirement in physical workers, possibility to decrease
  • a remote view of media consumption

Industrial automation

Industrial automation - automation which meets the industrial standards. Mainly, the investment is intended to the area of redundant equipment production measurement specialised on PLC modules, powerful switchgear for difficult conditions. Visualizations with remote access blocked on appropriate devices, with confidentiality. Industrial standards also required contractors to use high-quality materials, that are subjected to verified functionality and quality test. The globally accepted norm is to pass the manual and base object support files to facilitate for further collaboration. It is getting highly demanded the possibility in remote control to programming/schedule, in order to make system optimizations during potential or present error, which could become from operation life cycle or wear out of equipment

Building automation

Building automation - is the automation with enhanced visual and functional standard. We offer PLC controllers to manage with equipment such as air conditioner, wall regulators, touch panels, heat exchangers, boiler rooms, chillers. Visualization associated with the system will allow you to generate daily, monthly, yearly reports with energy consumption. The user will be able to manage the facility, make changes, set control schedules for ventilation and air-conditioning units as well as building lighting in an easy and transparent way.


Closed-Circuit TeleVision - is a monitoring of the area. Widespread local CCTV allows you to make monitoring observation, as for security applications also for regulating the working time of employee’s workers. We offer all type of monitoring installation, based on digital and analogue solutions. In addition to total comprehensive service, including design installation assembly, cabling and device configuration. Depending on your requirements, we choose proper cameras and recorders with appropriate storage space for historical data. Additionally, the standard is remote access via the internet and mobile applications (Android)

Access control

Access control - is the system of shared access to the room for a specific group of people. The system based on client’s requirement and operate via magnetic cards, QR codes, personal identifier. Depend on the customer requirements, could be design functional access control. A wider spectrum of control units and applications program are distinguished. We are dealing with complete access control service, from project design, execution, configuration to commissioning real-time working conditions.


Fire Alarm System. We believe the most initial and precise fire detection as the critical core of all fire detection systems. We want to be sure that you can trust on our belief and therefore our engineers use the most reliable and effective technologies during realizing of your project.
• Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP): algorithm for precise detection and differentiation of real fires and false alarms
• Dual-Ray Technology: for even more precision
• eSmog Feature: reliable detection and constant monitoring of electromagnetic pollution


Human Intrusion Detection - is made up of various components which combine to deliver the required safety level constructed on our survey and risk assessment. Only the most reliable and experienced equipment is used in our company, to provide the maximum standards of detection without compromise and within budget. Most of the devices below can come as wired or wireless components. The offered products from HID system mainly divided into two parts, Panic button and PIR motion detector, below given a basic description and applications examples.

Panic button - The panic button intended for emergency cases. Thank this button you can call police rapid response team with the fastest way with just pushing a single button. At the day today, the panic button is one of the most popular devices in a security application. It belongs to the category of inexpensive and effective security equipment. Such popularity is caused by the relatively low cost, since is much cheaper than and useful to install an alarm button than to hire permanent physical guardian. The button could be installed in most comfortable places, depending on your requirements, for example on/under office desktop etc.

Motion Detector - is a passive infrared motion detector that provides indoor or outdoor protection for a wired security system. The device can mount in direct view of the intended protection area and will detect moving objects, particularly people. A motion detector is often integrated as a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area. Motion detectors form a vital component of security, automated lighting control, home control, energy efficiency, and other useful systems.