What is unique about us

We offer comprehensive electrical / low voltage / TeleTech services


Scheduling an object energy audit to find where your object is losing energy and how we can fix it, electrical, automation in order to optimize customers construction.


We are planning and conducting new investigated projects. Our highly experienced engineers deliver advice during the negotiation process with the client.


Our offer includs designing and modernization of your construction.


Our professional construction foreman manages work schedule and realizes investors requirement on planned date and budget.


We are handling with installations of HVAC, BMS services.


We program and visualise your existing applications along with creation of new ones up to your requirements.

Our offer

We offer complex service for customer requirements. Construction efficiency - work begins with a plan and our engineers with extensive experience, propose best and most economical way of solution for your project design. After deciding project design, we began to supply all required products and components for realization. Then proceed with the construction of items. At the same time, our programmers preparing devices for the application. After completing the installation, we make total verification of components, then giving training for the user.

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